Simcoe Lions Ballpark

Simcoe Lions Ballpark

Simcoe Lions Food Truck

Simcoe Lions Food Truck

Norfolk General Hospital

Norfolk General Hospital

Community Projects

The Simcoe Lions are leaders in the community supporting projects and services. All proceeds raised through these great programs are kept within the community and directed to local services. Everything we do in Simcoe, stays in Simcoe.

The Simcoe Lions Ballpark – The park was built by the club in 1993. The park still serves the community every summer for both baseball and softball tournaments. Teams from near and far visit the park each year to play ball and the park also boasts a food concession stand. 2018 is a milestone year, the parks 25th anniversary. To help commemorate the Simcoe Lions are hosting the Ontario Provincial Pee Wee softball championships.

Norfolk General Hospital – The club was instrumental in the groundbreaking for Norfolk General Hospital in 1937 and that relationship continues today. Each year the club directs funds to the hospital to ensure the community is served and the best programs are delivered. The club is also a major sponsor of the hospitals annual golf tournament.

Simcoe Lions Food Truck – If you’ve been to any of these events you’ve seen our food truck (Ram Rodeo, Ice Cream Festival, Friendship Festival & the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show). Each year club members staff the truck at these summer events, we come together to serve you, our great community. Make sure you stop and say hello, we sell the best dixie dogs and fries money can buy !

Projects & Accomplishments

The Simcoe Lions Club achievements continue through the years and total more than $1,000,000 in donations. Our most recent pledge in the fall of 2000 is for $150,000 to the Norfolk General Hospital Emergency Wing renovations. The following list illustrates a small sample of our work over the past seven decades:-

Norfolk General Hospital 1937 through to the 1980’s. Over $66,000 for various initiatives & equipment.
Children & Youth Programs 1931 – 1996 including Lions Quest (an international program to help youth cope with life). Over $174,000 sponsoring baseball, hockey, softball, soccer, darts, bowling, archery and basketball as well as school trips, bursaries, effective speaking & science forums.
Talbot Street Arena 1945 -1949 & 1991 – 1995. $7,500 & $200,000 respectively, for renovations.
Simcoe Recreation Centre 1969 – 1975. $75,000 for construction.
Golden Lions Drum & Bugle Corp 1969 -1980. $49,000.
Simcoe’s second ice surface. Over $60,000.
Youth Exchange 1973 – 1996. Sponsored trips & hosted youths from around the world donating in excess of $30,000 in the process.
Eyesight Programs both local national & international from the 1930’s through to today. Over $100,000 donated as well as associated volunteer work and projects.
Simcoe Lion’s School 1957 – 1965. Over $34,000.
Lions Ball Park 1992 -1995. Over $460,000 as well as hundreds of hours of volunteer time building the facility.
Norfolk Music Arts Festival 1985 – 1999. Over $83,000.
Norfolk County Fair Grandstand 1991. $25,000.
Camp Trillium Rainbow Lake 1999. $30,000 for a passenger van.

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